For Morgan, Angel, Brigham & Associates’ researchers and historians, the past exists beyond the courtroom and the archives. Our nation’s collective history ranges from construction of American homes and neighborhoods to the engineering triumphs that stand as examples of our technical ingenuity. Morgan Angel Brigham has worked on history projects at both ends of this spectrum.

In early 2014, Kristen Autobee completed an archival management project that culminated with the installation of two kiosks on I-70 in Colorado that tell the stories of the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnels bored through the unforgiving rock of the Colorado Rockies. Historians, state and federal agencies, designers, and fabricators created a compelling visual tour and narrative of this engineering challenge. The kiosks are located in Georgetown east of the tunnels and at the Dillon Overlook west of the tunnels.

Ms. Autobee also located documentation about the small details of architectural history. She researched and wrote on the history of window types in 19th and 20th century Fort Collins, Colorado. This documentation helped a client applying for state tax credits to renovate an historic house into a dental office. State and federal tax credits for restoration and adaptive reuse of historic properties help owners preserve a piece of their community’s past and save money in the process.


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